Tattoo removal device

Group 1

Titi is a device with advanced technology for removing tattoos and performing carbon peeling treatments.

Group 1

In this device, a short wavelength 532nm, Genesis, 1064nm, PTP, STP is used to damage the melanin with great pressure, with which it breaks into particles. This treatment is done in a targeted manner and optimally affects the melanin. Because the particles are so small, they are more easily excreted by the body. Thanks to this, the process requires fewer treatments than other processes.

What is the advantage of this technology? The meaning of the process is that this device provides quick and easy treatment without the need for any surgical operation, it is not invasive to the body and can include many different areas of the body including the chest, face, hands, legs and more. In addition, the process is relatively short and requires fewer treatments compared to other technologies.

With the help of this technology, the Titi device allows you to achieve maximum results – the complete disappearance of the tattoo or permanent makeup with only a small number of treatments.

Also, in carbon peeling treatments, the production of collagen and elastin fibers takes place, which deeply cleans the skin, improves pigmentation, rejuvenates and cleans pores, smoothes small wrinkles and prevents acne. Even in this treatment, the effect is felt from the first treatment.

  • A functional device that combines different uses.
  • Use of the most advanced and innovative technologies.
  • A targeted and optimal method that requires fewer treatments.
  • Optimal results without invasive processes, injections or surgeries.
  • Quick and easy treatment.
  • Allows treatment on different areas of the body including chest, face, hands, legs and more.
  • Results from the first treatment.
  • Power – 100-240W, 50-60Hz
  • Model – 8T
  • Spot size – 2-10 millimeters
  • Laser wavelength – 1064, 649, 532 nm
  • Cooling system: air + closed water system
  • Net weight – 85 kg
  • Device size – 67 * 127 * 128 cm

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