360-degree support

“At Petron Laser, we ensure comprehensive care for our clients from initiation to completion.”
through the technical training to the responses of clients, all of this with the aim of providing answers to clinical,

Drawing from our extensive years of experience, we’ve learned that possessing the best equipment in your clinic is merely one aspect of the equation.
Regrettably, this alone is insufficient.

Our support is a comprehensive package designed first and foremost for the success of your business.


We distinguish ourselves as the sole company in this sector offering up to a 10-year warranty on all our equipment. Our skilled technicians consistently perform thorough checks and additionally provide regular on-site servicing and maintenance for your devices.


Our company offers on-site clinical training on the use of our equipment at your convenience! Additionally, we provide clinical training on the latest technological advancements.

Close business support

With Patron Laser, you will benefit from several months of dedicated business support, provided by professionals from one of the most renowned business consulting schools! This comprehensive support includes weekly on-site meetings, the development of a tailored business plan, and a personalized marketing strategy.

Comprehensive advertising package

Partnering with us entitles you to a holistic advertising package, comprising:

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