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A revolutionary method that puts us at the forefront of cosmetics in Israel and the whole world.

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Petron Laser manufactures, imports and markets a wide variety of advanced and innovative cosmetic devices. Our devices are manufactured by Israeli engineers and developers and imported from Germany, in a revolutionary and extortionary method.

With the help of unique expertise and an unmatched method, we offer a wide variety of devices that lead the forefront of cosmetic solutions in Israel and around the world.


We develop and renew devices of the highest quality, using advanced and innovative technologies. We insist on high standards and uncompromising quality performance to ensure impressive and accurate results for all our customers.

24/7 Customer Service

We provide efficient and professional customer service anytime and anywhere. We are available to help and answer any question, request or need of our customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand the importance of a quick and professional response and therefore we make sure to ensure the maximum service for each and every one of our customers.


We proudly stand behind each of the devices and technologies we develop and own. We work with first-class professionals, perform strict tests and comply with the strictest standards, including blue and white (״כחול לבן״) quality control - to ensure that each device is at the forefront of cosmetic technology in Israel and throughout the world.

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Choosing the best cosmetic equipment is a very important step, but it is not the only step in opening a new clinic. At Patron Laser, we understand the importance of the clinic's envelope. We will provide personalized services for you, in order to develop the clinic into a successful and profitable business. Purchasing a device - is only the beginning. We provide comprehensive business support on behalf of businessman Alon Gal and offer a series of ancillary services that will help develop your clinic into the business of your dreams.


At Patron Laser, we think about you and your business and offer support and guidance.

Many beauticians across the country were able to expand their business thanks to Patron Laser’s support.

Our marketing consultants will be happy to meet at the business in order to propose a plan to develop the business and maximize profits.

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